DSW Sandbox

Use this page to test and see it working.
Open your browser's console and check the cached content, and the network requests as you test the features.

You can use push notifications
Turn on and off your wi-fi

Load image

This example will successfuly load an image from cache.
This image loads dynamically and will be cached only after the first time it loaded successfuly.
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

Image not found

This tries to load an image that does not exist.
It loads then, a default 404 image.
The 404 image was cached during the Service Worker installation.
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

Redirected Image

When trying to load one image, another one is loaded.
The image has been cached as soon as the service worker got installed.
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

Uncacheable image

This image will never be cached.
Try checking the "offline" box in the Application panel, reload the page and try this again.
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

404 Page

Accesing a non existing page.
You may also try typing anyhting in the URL and hitting enter.
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

Load json

Loading JSON data from an address.
You could load a REST API for example.
This information will be stored in an IndexedDB structure.
It uses a "online-first" strategy, so, it will always look first for it online(using the network).
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

Redirected Page

Redirecting pages under a given directory.
Run the test more times to see random pages being redirected.
These pages will be cached only after the first time they got loaded.
After that, you can get offline and seen each one of them working from cache, too.
Also, the redirected page is receiving a variable with the information.
➤ Run test
≡ See rule

Embeded content

We are embeding content here, so you can try and load external libraries, audio, video, etc.
Also, we are using external data from github to show the stars button and the shields on top of this page.
➤ Run test


You can load and use media like audio or video.
Be careful, though, avoid adding large files to your user's storage.
➤ Run test

Trigger Message

You can test the push notification.
It will ask Google's GCM server to push a notification. As soon as the notification arrives, it simply shows you a default message.
This will only work online, of course.
➤ Run test